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To Uninstall TFS 2012 during an upgrade, or not to uninstall?

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I check Brian Harry’s blog to keep my finger on the pulse of the challenges that surround upgrade and installation for the TFS community.

And even if I don’t check, the comments seem to somehow always find their way into my inbox. In point of fact, the comment below recently appeared in my inbox, and it’s a good question that deserves a more complete answer.

CTP4 (March) of VS/TFS 2012 Update 2 is available: New Comment

I’m reading the instructions found on this page: <msdn.microsoft.com/…/jj620925.aspx>

It’s talking about the In-place upgrade path.  Step 2 says to Uninstall Tfs.  It says to use the Control Panel to completely uninstall TFS.  The screen shows a 2010 server. 

Then in a note after this step, it says:

“If you’re upgrading TFS 2012, you don’t have to uninstall the old version of TFS.  You can skip this step.”

This is very confusing.  Do I need to uninstall or not?

Sorry for the confusion BABRC. Of course, the answer is “it depends.”

  • If you’re upgrading from TFS 2010, then yes. You do have to uninstall the old version of TFS. If you don’t, you’ll get an error.
  • If you’re upgrading from TFS 2012, you don’t have to uninstall. In fact, with the upcoming release of TFS 2012 update 2, we’ll even preserve some of the settings from the previous TFS installation you’re upgrading from. But we can only do this if you don’t uninstall. So don’t uninstall TFS 2012. During an in-place upgrade, skip the uninstall step.

What about if you’re upgrading from TFS 2008? Ha ha, trick question! TFS 2008 didn’t support 64-bit servers, but TFS 2012 only supports 64-bit servers. That means you can’t do an in-place upgrade from TFS 2008. It’s impossible. You must use different hardware.

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