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TF18017 or TF250044: having problems with the TFS project creation wizard?


Have you ever had this happen to you? You installed TFS with SharePoint for a colleague. You make sure TFS is running, make sure SharePoint is up. You add your colleague to the local administrators group. You add her to the TFS admin tool. You write her an email telling her where to find her fresh installation of TFS and you’re just about to pat yourself on the back, when you get a message from her saying she can’t run PCW. She’s getting an error message that looks like this one:

If you’re anything like me, you sigh mightily.

Why can’t she (user2) run PCW? What is this about!? I already added her to the Farm Admin group (see below), but that didn’t help with this error.

It’s a permission issue, but it’s not Farm Admin permissions that’s needed. The solution is to add the user in question to the SharePoint site at the collection level. So, for example, navigate here on the SharePoint site (not the SharePoint administration site, but the site where the portal for the team project is created):


Here is what I did:

1) Someone who already has permissions has to go to /sites/defaultcollection/default.aspx and share the site with the new user.

2) Once you add the user, go to site permissions (click the wheel) and then give the user “full control.”

If you click the name, it lights up Edit User Permissions and you can click Full control on the next screen.

And Walla!

Redmond\user2 can now run PCW with success!

Author: Tim Elhajj

Tim is probably walking his dog.

4 thoughts on “TF18017 or TF250044: having problems with the TFS project creation wizard?

  1. Hi Tim, I see a lot of value on your web site but I am starting up in a new role as a Data Manager is an oil company. I started with Access 2007, Captured file paths by Dir (dos command) and want to produce a Web-based user UI on the intranet.
    I do not know where to start, which tool to use, and need your advice.

    By the way, your last name means “The One who performed Pelgremage to Mecca”, In Arabic.
    My name is Nabil Elibiary which means the one who came from Ebiar, a town in Egypt
    My e-mail nabil.elibiary@iprgoc.com and my phone is (469) 323-6593
    I hope to hear from you.

  2. Hi Nabil, thank you for the insight into my name! I went to college in NYC and one of my professors who had received his degree from a university in Cairo (and taught an amazing POLY SCI survey class on Arab governments) offered me similar insight into the meaning of the word Elhajj in Arabic. I was very grateful then, as I am now.

    Nabil, I wish I knew more about managing data, especially with a web based UI on the Internet. I have used Access to gather data from e-book retailers, my first foray into data management. I did just what you’re doing here — I asked around. I used internet searches. I have been able to combine the data from multiple retailers into a single report in Excel, using a pivot table. Perhaps this strategy might also work for you?

    Another thought — For a shortcut to a Web based UI, you might consider using Office 365, the new office web service. Perhaps once you get the data ready in Access 2007, you could easily migrate it to 365? This might make it easier to get it online? I am just thinking out loud here, but I hope it is of some help to you, Nabil.


    Good luck, my friend.

  3. Very helpful. I didn’t give access to any users in the new domain before I migrated the server, so almost bolloxed my self.

  4. Good deal Jeff. I’m glad you found it useful!

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