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Goodbye iPhone, Hello Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7, that is.

I picked up my new phone earlier this week, compliments of Microsoft. I have had it less than a week, but so far I’m impressed. This might be love.

I got my first smart phone last year. Two years prior to that, I picked up my first iPod Touch. As it turned out, having the Touch prior to getting my first smart phone ruined me for Windows Phone 6.5. I kept it for less than a day. I had to give back some of my employee discount and pay AT&T a $35 restocking fee to get an iPhone 3GS, but it was worth it. As I explored Windows Phone 6.5, it would freeze. I had to remove the battery to get it back online. Not that I never had to do that with my iPhone (hello occasional hard reset), but everything seemed so hard compared to the Touch. Not to mention the sexy factor of the iPhone.

But those days seem gone. I got the Samsung Focus (pictured). I love how it feels in my hand, its gorgeous screen. I touch it every day.

If my kids touch it with their sticky fingers, I scowl at them. Shine it up on my shirt.

“Wash your hands,” I say.

But seriously: it’s a sexy phone.

I am experiencing some iPhone related transition pain. For example, I don’t know how many times this week I have touched the Start button to wake it up. And I haven’t gotten all my music or podcasts moved over. But when I’ve found feature discrepancies between the two (no bus routes in maps), I’ve found apps that have more than filled the gap (OneBusAway is an awesome app). Once I get a few more hours with it, I’ll post more about my experience.

For now, I must say I feel proud it’s a Microsoft product.