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Set Up a New Build Machine

To install Team Foundation Build Service

TipTip: If you are upgrading a build machine from Team Foundation Server 2010 to the current version, you don’t have to immediately remove the older version of Team Foundation Build Service. Both versions can run side-by-side.

cebf3bd6-7f0f-42f5-ad7e-72bb79f6f9e6 Verify that the operating system and hardware meet the requirements for Team Foundation Build Service. New for this version of TFS, the build service requires a 64-bit server, if you use a server operating system. You can also use Windows 7 or Windows 8 client operating systems. Vista is no longer supported. If your team is building Windows apps, you’ll need to install the build service on Windows 8.

By default, Team Foundation Build Service uses Network Service for its service account (TFSBUILD).

There’s more information on MSDN: System Requirements for Team Foundation Build Service,  Accounts Required for Installation of Team Foundation Server and Build and Test a Windows Metro Style App Using Team Foundation Build.

4fd6f157-278d-4e4b-a8d2-b7e76971bd60 Run the Team Foundation Server install from the product DVD and then use the build service configuration wizard to configure your installation. This wizard installs and configures Team Foundation Build Service.

For more information: Run the TFS Build Install Wizard.

Run TFS build wizard

Next Step: Add new features to your team projects

You can also use a wizard to add new features to your TFS 2010 team projects.

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