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Verify Access to New Features

After you have run the Configure Features wizard, you or a team member should verify that the new features appear as expected.

We’ll walk you through the steps for you to verify availability of these features:

  • The Task Board and the Storyboard tab. To verify that these features appear in Team Web Access (TWA), you must be a member of one of the following groups: Team Foundation Administrators, Project Collection Administrators, or Project Administrators of the team project.
  • The Product Backlog and Iteration Backlog pages and the Feedback Request form. These features require you to be added to the Full group for Web Access Permissions.

Important: To access the Full set of features, users must be licensed for one of the following MSDN subscriptions: Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN, Visual Studio Premium with MSDN, or Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN. Each of these MSDN subscriptions includes a TFS CAL for the subscriber. See Features Accessed Through Web Permissions.

To add users to the Full group of Web Access Permissions, you must be a member of the Team Foundation Administrators group. Unless you are a member of that group, you will not be able to view the web access tab or make any changes.

  • The Code Review feature. To verify availability to request code reviews, you must be a member of the team project and have installed either Visual Studio Premium 2012 or Visual Studio Ultimate 2012.

Important:  If you encounter a problem in any of these steps, check if there is an answer in the Team Foundation Server Setup forum or the Team Web Access forum.

Verify access to the Task Board page and the Storyboards tab

Verify that the home page appears as expected

  1. Open Team Web Access (TWA) and then connect to your team project using a URL that has the following format. If TWA is already open, then refresh your browser to refresh the cache.

  2. Verify that the Activities list on the right side of the Home page appears as shown:

Add Team Members and Set up Iterations

The upgrade of Team Foundation Server (TFS) created a default team for your team project, named “Your Project Name Team,” but did not add any members to it.

  1. From the Home page, under Members, choose the Manage all members link, and add yourself to the team. Also, add a TFS group, Windows group, or other members that belong to this team.

  2.  Under Administration, choose the Configure schedule and iterations link.
  3. Select the checkbox for the iteration that you want to specify as current. For example, select the checkbox next to Iteration 1, and then choose the Set dates link for that iteration.

  4. Specify the dates for the current iteration. Specify dates which will include today’s date within the Start Date and End Date.

    The task board only shows work items that are assigned to the current iteration, which is defined as that iteration whose dates include the current date. See Define Team Areas and Iterations.

Verify that the Storyboards tab and Task Board appear

  1. From the Home page, choose the button that corresponds to your backlog or requirements category, depending on your process template. For example, choose from one of the following buttons:

  2. Specify a Title and any other required fields.
  3. Choose the Storyboards tab and verify that it appears as shown.
  4. Select the current iteration in the Iteration field.
  5. Choose Save and Close.
  6. Choose the View board link, and verify that the Task Board page appears and displays the work item that you just created.

    You see only those backlog items that are assigned to the current iteration, and any tasks that have been linked to those items.
  7. Choose the add task icon.
  8. Fill in the work item form, and then choose Save and Close.

Verify access to the Backlog page and Request feedback tool

To access the Backlog page and the Request Feedback tool, you must be added to the Full group to Web Access Permissions.  If you are a member of the Team Foundation Administrators group, go ahead and perform the following steps. Otherwise, ask a TFS admin to add you to the Full group.

Add Team Members to the Full Group

  1. To access the administration mode, choose the gear icon.

  2. Choose Control Panel.

  3. Choose Web Access, and then choose Full.

  4. Choose Add, Add Windows user or group, and then add yourself to the Full group.
  5. (Optional) Add a team member who meets the license requirements to the Full group.

Verify Access to the Backlog page

  1. Return to the Home page of TWA, and then refresh your browser.
  2. Verify that the Activities list appears like this:

  3. Choose View backlog, and then verify that the Product Backlog page appears similar to the one shown in this example:

    The Type of backlog item shown will differ depending on the process template used to create your team project.
  4. Type an entry into the Title field for a backlog item and choose the Add button. Your entry is added to the bottom of the list.
  5. (Optional) To remove the items that you added for verification purposes, open each item that you created and change the State to Closed or Done.

Verify Access to Request Feedback

  1. Choose the Home tab.
  2. Choose the Request feedback link. The Feedback Request form  appears as shown.

If the following message appears, see Configure Email Notifications and Specify the SMTP Server for instructions about configuring email notifications.

Verify access to the Code Review Feature

You can request a code review only from the My Work page of Team Explorer. This page appears only if you install Visual Studio Premium 2012 or Visual Studio Ultimate 2012.  Also, you will need to have some code that you have added or updated in order for the Request Review link to become active.

  1. Open Team Explorer from VS Premium or VS Ultimate.
    If Team Explorer is already open, then choose the Refresh icon to refresh the cache.
  2. Choose My Work. You should see the Request Review link as shown:

  3. Check out some code, modify it, and then verify that you can choose the Request Review linkSee Day in the Life of an ALM Developer: Suspend Work, Fix a Bug, and Conduct a Code Review.

Last steps

With the verify process completed, your team can get started using all the new features. You can learn about them from these topics on MSDN:

Update the Workflow for Agile Team Projects

To get the best experience using the Agile planning tools and task board, you will want to manually update the workflow definitions for the user story and task work item types.  If you don’t update the workflow, then the task board provides only two states, Active and Closed, which doesn’t provide insight into progress your team makes during a sprint.

You only need to perform this step if your team project is based on an Agile process template.  See Update the Workflow for Agile Team Projects.

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